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DS 3: In the event of a breakdown / Towing the vehicle

DS 3 2016-2023 Owners Manual

DS 3. Towing the vehicle General recommendations

Observe the legislation in force in the country where you are driving.

Check that the towing vehicle is heavier than the towed vehicle.

The driver must remain at the wheel of the towed vehicle and must have a valid driving licence.

When towing a vehicle with all four wheels on the ground, always use an approved towbar; ropes and straps are prohibited.

The towing vehicle must move off gently.

When the vehicle is towed with its engine off, there is no longer braking and steering assistance.

DS 3. Towing the vehicle A professional recovery service must be called in the following cases:

  • broken down on a motorway or main road;
  • not possible to put the gearbox into neutral, unlock the steering, or release the parking brake;
  • not possible to tow a vehicle with an automatic gearbox, with the engine running;
  • towing with only two wheels on the ground;
  • four-wheel drive vehicle;
  • no approved towbar available.

DS 3. Towing the vehicle Before towing the vehicle, it is essential to put the vehicle in free-wheeling mode.

For more information on Free-wheeling, refer to the corresponding section.

DS 3. Towing the vehicle Electric motor

An electric vehicle cannot under any circumstances be used to tow another vehicle.

However, it may be used, for example, to exit a rut.

DS 3. Towing the vehicle

DS 3. Towing the vehicle

DS 3. Towing the vehicle In case of battery or electric parking brake failure, it is essential to call a professional using flatbed recovery vehicles (excluding manual gearbox).

Charging the battery using a battery charger

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Accessing the tools

The towing eye is stored with the tool kit (in a bag on the boot carpet or in a box under the boot carpet, depending on version). On the boot carpet Under the boot carpet For more information on accessing the Tool kit, refer to the corresponding section...

Other information:

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Choosing the display mode

In each mode, specific types of information are displayed on the instrument panel.

DS 3. Choosing the display mode

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