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DS 3: Checking levels / Engine oil

DS 3 2016-2024 Owners Manual

DS 3. Engine oil The level is checked, with the engine having been switched off for at least 30 minutes and on level ground, using the dipstick.

It is normal to top up the oil level between two services (or oil changes). It is recommended that you check the level, and top up if necessary, every 3,000 miles (5,000 km).

DS 3. Engine oil In order to maintain the reliability of the engine and emissions control system, never use additives in the engine oil.

Checking using the dipstick

For the location of the dipstick, please refer to the illustration of the corresponding engine compartment.

  • Grasp the dipstick by its coloured grip and pull it out completely.
  • Wipe the end of the dipstick using a clean, lintfree cloth.

DS 3. Engine oil

  • Reinsert the dipstick and push fully down, then pull it out again to visually check the oil level: the correct level is between marks A (max) and B (min).

Do not start the engine if the level is:

  • above mark A: contact a dealer or a qualified workshop.
  • below mark B: top up the engine oil immediately.

DS 3. Engine oil Oil grade

Before topping up or changing the engine oil, check that the oil is suitable for your engine and complies with the recommendations in the service schedule supplied with the vehicle (or available from your dealer or qualified workshop).

Use of non-recommended oil may invalidate your warranty in the event of engine failure.

Topping up the engine oil level

For the location of the engine oil filler cap, please refer to the corresponding engine compartment illustration.

  • Add oil in small quantities, avoiding any spills on engine components (risk of fire).
  • Wait a few minutes before checking the level again using the dipstick.
  • Top up the level if necessary.
  • After checking the level, carefully screw the oil filler cap back on and replace the dipstick in its tube.

DS 3. Engine oil The oil level indication displayed on the instrument panel when the ignition is switched on is not valid for 30 minutes following an addition of oil.

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