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DS 3: Checking levels / Brake fluid and Engine coolant

DS 3 2016-2023 Owners Manual

Brake fluid

DS 3. Brake fluid and Engine coolant The level of this fluid should be close to the "MAX" mark. If not, check the brake pads for wear.

To know how often the brake fluid should be replaced, refer to the manufacturer's servicing schedule.

DS 3. Brake fluid and Engine coolant Clean the cap before removing it to refill.

Use only DOT4 brake fluid from a sealed container.

Engine coolant

(Petrol or Diesel)

DS 3. Brake fluid and Engine coolant It is normal to top up this fluid between two services.

The check and top-up must only be done with the engine cold.

A level of coolant that is too low risks causing major damage to the engine; the coolant level must be close to the "MAX" mark without ever going above it.

If the level is close to or below the "MIN" mark, it is essential to top it up.

When the engine is hot, the temperature of the coolant is regulated by the fan.

As the cooling system is pressurised, wait at least one hour after switching off the engine before carrying out any work.

In order to avoid the risk of scalding if you need to top up in an emergency, wrap a cloth around the cap and unscrew the cap by two turns to allow the pressure to drop.

Once the pressure has dropped, remove the cap and top up to the required level.


DS 3. Brake fluid and Engine coolant DS 3. Brake fluid and Engine coolant Do not top up the coolant.

DS 3. Brake fluid and Engine coolant

If the level is close to or below the "MIN" mark, it is essential to contact a dealer or a qualified workshop.

    Engine oil

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    Instruments and controls

    These illustrations and descriptions are provided for information only, as the locations of certain elements may vary depending on the version or trim level.

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