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DS 3: Changing a bulb / Front lamps

DS 3 2016-2022 Owners Manual

Model with DS MATRIX LED VISION headlamps

DS 3. Front lamps

  1. Direction indicators (LED)
  2. Main beam headlamps (LED Matrix Beam module).
  3. Dipped beam headlamps (LED).
  4. Daytime running lamps (LED).

Model with halogen headlamps

DS 3. Front lamps

  1. Main beam headlamps (H7)
  2. Dipped beam headlamps (H7)
  3. Direction indicators (PWY24)
  4. Daytime running lamps (LED)

DS 3. Front lamps Opening the bonnet/Accessing the bulbs

Proceed with caution when the engine is hot - risk of burns!

Take care with objects or clothing that could be caught in the blades of the cooling fan - risk of strangulation!

DS 3. Front lamps

DS 3. Front lamps Halogen bulbs (Hx)

To ensure good quality lighting, check that the bulb is correctly positioned in its housing.

Main/Dipped beam headlamps

DS 3. Front lamps

  • Remove the protective cover by pulling on the tab.
  • Disconnect the bulb connector.
  • Remove the bulb and replace it.

To refit, carry out these operations in reverse order, directing the bulb’s positioning lug downwards.

Direction indicators

DS 3. Front lamps Rapid flashing of the indicator lamp for a direction indicator (left or right) indicates that one of the bulbs on the corresponding side has failed.

In the event of a breakdown

DS 3. Front lamps

  • Turn the connector a quarter turn anti-clockwise.
  • Pull the bulb connector.
  • Remove the bulb and replace it.

DS 3. Front lamps Amber-coloured bulbs must be replaced by bulbs with identical specifications and colour.

    Light-emitting diode (LED) headlamps and lamps

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    Rear lamps

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    Towing your vehicle

    To access the front screw thread:

    DS 3. Towing your vehicle

    Unclip the cover by pressing at its top lefthand corner. Release the cover.

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