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DS 3: Lighting and visibility / Automatic illumination of headlamps

DS 3 2016-2024 Owners Manual

With the lighting control stalk in the “AUTO” position and if a low level of exterior brightness is detected by the rain/sunshine sensor, the sidelamps and dipped beam headlamps are switched on automatically, without any action on the part of the driver. They may also come on if rain is detected, at the same time as automatic operation of the windscreen wipers.

As soon as the brightness returns to a sufficient level or after the windscreen wipers are switched off, the lamps are switched off automatically.


DS 3. Automatic illumination of headlamps In the event of a malfunction of the rain/ sunshine sensor, the vehicle’s lamps come on and this warning lamp is displayed on the instrument panel, accompanied by an audible signal and/or the display of a message.

Have it checked by a dealer or a qualified workshop.

DS 3. Automatic illumination of headlamps Do not cover the rain/sunshine sensor located at the top centre of the windscreen behind the interior rear view mirror; the associated functions would no longer be controlled.

DS 3. Automatic illumination of headlampsIn fog or snow, the rain/sunshine sensor may detect sufficient light. For this reason, the lighting will not come on automatically.

DS 3. Automatic illumination of headlamps The inner surface of the windscreen may become misted up and affect the proper operation of the rain/sunshine sensor. In humid and cold weather, demist the windscreen regularly.

    Direction indicators

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    Headlamp beam height adjustment

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