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DS 3: Driving / Reversing camera

DS 3 2016-2022 Owners Manual

DS 3. Reversing camera For more information, refer to the General recommendations on the use of driving and manoeuvring aids.

As soon as reverse gear is engaged with the engine running, this system displays views of your vehicle’s close surroundings on the touch screen using a camera located at the rear of the vehicle.

DS 3. Reversing camera

The screen is divided into two parts with a contextual view and a view from above the vehicle in its close surroundings.

The parking sensors supplement the information on the view from above the vehicle.

Various contextual views may be displayed:

  • Standard view.
  • 180° view.
  • Zoom view.

AUTO mode is activated by default.

In this mode, the system chooses the best view to display (standard or zoom).

You can change the type of view at any time during a manoeuvre.

The system status is not saved when the ignition is switched off.

Deactivation/Activation. Operating limits. Malfunction

Deactivation/Activation The settings are changed via the Driving/Vehicle touch screen menu. The system status is memorised when the ignition is switched off...

Principle of operation

Using the rear camera, the vehicle's close surroundings are recorded during manoeuvres at low speed. An image from above your vehicle in its close surroundings is reconstructed (represented between the brackets) in real time and as the manoeuvre progresses...

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