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DS 3: Safety / ISOFIX child seats

DS 3 2016-2024 Owners Manual

"ISOFIX" mountings

The seats shown below are fitted with ISOFIX compliant mountings:

DS 3. ISOFIX child seats

The mountings comprise three rings for each seat, indicated by a marking:

  • Two rings A, located between the vehicle seat backrest and cushion.

DS 3. ISOFIX child seats

The 2 latches on ISOFIX child seats are secured to them.

  • One ring B, located behind the seat, called the TOP TETHER, for attaching seats fitted with an upper strap.

DS 3. ISOFIX child seats

Front seat

DS 3. ISOFIX child seats

Rear seats

This system prevents the child seat from tipping forwards in the event of a front impact.

This ISOFIX mounting system provides fast, reliable and safe fitting of the child seat in the vehicle.

To secure the child seat to the TOP TETHER:

  • Remove and stow the head restraint before installing the child seat on this seat (refit it once the child seat has been removed).
  • Pass the strap of the child seat behind the seat backrest, centring it between the openings for the head restraint rods.
  • Secure the upper strap hook to ring B.
  • Tighten the upper strap.

DS 3. ISOFIX child seats When fitting an ISOFIX child seat to the left-hand rear seat of the bench seat, before fitting the seat, first move the centre rear seat belt towards the middle of the vehicle, so as to avoid the seat interfering with the operation of the seat belt.

DS 3. ISOFIX child seats An incorrectly installed child seat in a vehicle compromises the child's safety in the event of an accident.

Strictly observe the fitting instructions provided in the user guide supplied with the child seat.

DS 3. ISOFIX child seats For information about the options for fitting ISOFIX child seats in your vehicle, refer to the summary table.

Recommended ISOFIX child seats

DS 3. ISOFIX child seats Also consult the user guide from the child seat’s manufacturer to find out how to install and remove the seat.

DS 3. ISOFIX child seats

DS 3. ISOFIX child seats

DS 3. ISOFIX child seats

    Recommended child seats


    i-Size child seats. Installing child seats

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