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DS 3: Voice commands / Global voice commands. "Navigation" voice commands

DS 3 2016-2023 Owners Manual

Global voice commands

DS 3. Global voice commands. Voice commands

Set dialogue mode as novice - expert

Select user 1 / Select profile John

Increase temperature

Decrease temperature

DS 3. Global voice commands. Help messages

There are lots of topics I can help you with. You can say: "help with phone", "help with navigation", "help with media" or "help with radio". For an overview on how to use voice controls, you can say "help with voice controls". Say "yes" if I got that right. Otherwise, say "no" and we'll start that again.

"Navigation" voice commands

DS 3. Global voice commands. Voice commands

Navigate home

Navigate to work

Navigate to preferred address, Tennis club

Navigate to contact, John Miller

Navigate to address 11 regent street, London

DS 3. Global voice commands. Help messages

To plan a route, say "navigate to" followed by the address, the contact name or an intersection.

For example, "navigate to address 11 Regent Street, London", "navigate to contact, John Miller", or "navigate to intersection of Regent Street, London". You can specify if it's a preferred address, or a Point of Interest. For example, say "navigate to preferred address, Tennis club", or "navigate to POI Heathrow Airport in London".

Or, you can just say, "navigate home". To see Points of Interest on a map, you can say things like "show POI hotels in Banbury". For more information say "help with points of interest" or "help with route guidance".

To choose a destination, say something like "navigate to line three" or "select line two". If you can't find the destination but the street's right, say for example "select the street in line three".

To move around a displayed list, you can say "next page" or "previous page". You can undo your last action and start over by saying "undo", or say "cancel" to cancel the current action.

DS 3. Global voice commands. Voice commands

Tell me the remaining distance

Tell me the remaining time

Tell me the arrival time

Stop route guidance

DS 3. Global voice commands. Help messages

You can say "stop" or "resume route guidance". To get information about your current route, you can say "tell me the remaining time", "remaining distance" or "arrival time". To learn more commands, try saying "help with navigation".

DS 3. Global voice commands. Voice commands

Show POI ''hotel'' at the destination

Show nearby POI petrol station

Navigate to POI Heathrow Airport in London

Navigate to POI petrol station along the route

DS 3. Global voice commands. Help messages

To see points of interest on a map, you can say things like "show hotels in Banbury", "show nearby parking", "show hotel at the destination" or "show petrol station along the route". If you prefer to navigate directly to a point of interest, you can say "navigate to nearby petrol station". If you feel you are not being well understood, try to say the word "POI" in front of the point of interest. For example say "navigate to POI restaurant at the destination".

To choose a POI, say something like "select line 2". If you've searched for a Point of Interest and don't see the one you're after, you can filter further by saying something like "select POI in line 2", or "select the city in line 3". You can also scroll through the list by saying "next page" or "previous page".

DS 3. Global voice commands. Depending on the country, give destination (address) instructions in the language configured for the system.

    Information - Using the system

    When voice commands are activated, by briefly pressing the button, help is displayed on the touch screen, offering various menus and enabling voice-based interaction with the system...

    "Radio Media" voice commands

    Voice commands Turn on source radio - Streaming Bluetooth - … Help messages You can select an audio source by saying "turn on source" followed by the device name...

    Other information:

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    Digital instrument panel

    This digital instrument panel can be customised. Depending on the display mode selected, certain information is hidden or presented differently.

    DS 3. Digital instrument panel

    Rev counter (x 1000 rpm) (Petrol or Diesel)

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