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DS 3: Voice commands / "Radio Media" voice commands

DS 3 2016-2022 Owners Manual

DS 3. Voice commands

Turn on source radio - Streaming Bluetooth - …

DS 3. Help messages

You can select an audio source by saying "turn on source" followed by the device name. For example, "turn on source, Streaming Bluetooth", or "turn on source, radio". Use the command "play" to specify the type of music you'd like to hear. You can choose between "song", "artist", or "album". Just say something like "play artist, Madonna", "play song, Hey Jude", or "play album, Thriller".

DS 3. Voice commands

Tune to channel BBC Radio 2

Tune to 98.5 FM

Tune to preset number five

DS 3. Help messages

You can pick a radio station by saying "tune to" and the station name or frequency. For example "tune to channel Talksport" or "tune to 98.5 FM". To listen to a preset radio station, say for example "tune to preset number five".

DS 3. Voice commands

What's playing?

DS 3. Help messages

To choose what you'd like to play, start by saying "play" and then the item. For example, say "play song Hey Jude", "play line 3" or "select line 2". You can undo your last action and start over by saying "undo", or say "cancel" to cancel the current action.

DS 3. Voice commands

Play song Hey Jude

Play artist Madonna

Play album Thriller

DS 3. Help messages

I'm not sure what you'd like to play. Please say "play" and then a song title, an album title, or an artist name. For example, say "play song Hey Jude", "play artist Madonna" or "play album Thriller". To select a line number from the display, say "select line two". To move around a displayed list, you can say "next page" or "previous page".

You can undo your last action and start over by saying "undo", or say "cancel" to cancel the current action.

DS 3. Media voice commands are available only with a USB connection.

    Global voice commands. "Navigation" voice commands

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    "Telephone" voice commands

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    DS 3. Principle of operation

    Using the rear camera, the vehicle's close surroundings are recorded during manoeuvres at low speed.

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