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DS 3: Voice commands / Information - Using the system

DS 3 2016-2022 Owners Manual

DS 3. Information - Using the system When voice commands are activated, by briefly pressing the button, help is displayed on the touch screen, offering various menus and enabling voice-based interaction with the system.

DS 3. Information - Using the system

A number of commands are available when a menu is selected.

DS 3. Information - Using the system

DS 3. Information - Using the system Press the Push To Talk button and tell me what you'd like after the tone. Remember you can interrupt me at any time by pressing this button. If you press it again while I'm waiting for you to speak, it'll end the conversation. If you need to start over, say "cancel". If you want to undo something, say "undo". And to get information and tips at any time, just say "help". If you ask to me do something and there's some information missing that I need, I'll give you some examples or take you through it step by step.

There's more information available in "novice" mode. You can set the dialogue mode to "expert" when you feel comfortable.

    Steering wheel-mounted controls. First steps

    Steering wheel-mounted controls Voice commands: Voice commands can be issued from any screen page after a short press on the "Voice commands" button located on the steering wheel or at the end of the lighting control stalk (depending on equipment), as long as there is no telephone call in progress...

    Global voice commands. "Navigation" voice commands

    Global voice commands Voice commands Set dialogue mode as novice - expert Select user 1 / Select profile John Increase temperature Decrease temperature Help messages There are lots of topics I can help you with...

    Other information:

    DS 3 2016-2022 Owners Manual: Opening

    From outside Unlock your vehicle to unfold the door handles. Pull the handle. When selective unlocking is activated, only the driver door's handle will unfold and only the driver's door can be opened. From inside Pull the interior door opening lever; the exterior door handles unfold automatically...

    DS 3 2016-2022 Owners Manual: Repair procedure

    Do not remove any foreign bodies (e.g. nail, screw) which have penetrated into the tyre. Park the vehicle without obstructing traffic and apply the parking brake. Follow the safety instructions (hazard warning lamps, warning triangle, high visibility jacket, etc...


    Identification markings

    Various visible markings for vehicle identification and vehicle search.

    DS 3. Identification markings

    Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), under the bonnet.

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