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DS 3: Voice commands / Steering wheel-mounted controls. First steps

DS 3 2016-2023 Owners Manual

Steering wheel-mounted controls

DS 3. Steering wheel-mounted controls. First steps Voice commands:

Voice commands can be issued from any screen page after a short press on the "Voice commands" button located on the steering wheel or at the end of the lighting control stalk (depending on equipment), as long as there is no telephone call in progress.

DS 3. Steering wheel-mounted controls. First steps To ensure that voice commands are always recognised by the system, please follow these recommendations:

  • use natural language in a normal tone without breaking up words or raising your voice.
  • always wait for the "beep" (audible signal) before speaking.
  • for best results, closing the windows and sunroof is recommended, to avoid extraneous interference (depending on version).
  • before issuing a voice command, ask any other passengers to refrain from speaking.

First steps

DS 3. Steering wheel-mounted controls. First steps Example of a "voice command" for navigation:

"Navigate to address 11 regent street, London"

Example of a "voice command" for the radio and media:

"Play artist Madonna"

Example of a "voice command" for the telephone:

"Call David Miller"

DS 3. Steering wheel-mounted controls. First steps The voice commands, with a choice of languages (Arabic, Brazilian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Farsi, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish), are made using the language previously chosen and set in the system.

For some voice commands, there are alternative synonyms.

Example: Guide to / Navigate to / Go to / ...

The voice commands in Arabic for: "Navigate to address" and "Display POI in the city", are not available.

    Voice commands


    Information - Using the system

    When voice commands are activated, by briefly pressing the button, help is displayed on the touch screen, offering various menus and enabling voice-based interaction with the system...

    Other information:

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    Choosing the display mode

    In each mode, specific types of information are displayed on the instrument panel.

    DS 3. Choosing the display mode

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