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DS 3: Lighting and visibility / Headlamp beam height adjustment

DS 3 2016-2024 Owners Manual

Manual adjustment of the halogen headlamps

DS 3. Headlamp beam height adjustment

To avoid dazzling other road users, the height of these headlamp beams must be adjusted according to the load in the vehicle.

0 (Initial setting)

   Driver only or driver + front passenger

1 5 people

2 5 people + load in the boot

3 Driver only + load in the boot

4 5 6 Not used

Automatic DS MATRIX LED VISION headlamp adjustment

This system automatically adjusts the height of the headlamp beams according to the load in the vehicle.

DS 3. Headlamp beam height adjustment In the event of a malfunction, this warning lamp comes on on the instrument panel, accompanied by the display of a message and an audible signal.

The system places the headlamp beams in the lowest position.

Have it checked by a dealer or a qualified workshop.

DS 3. Headlamp beam height adjustment Do not touch the DS Matrix LED Vision headlamps - risk of electrocution!

    Automatic illumination of headlamps

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    Guide-me-home and welcome lighting

    Guide-me-home lighting Automatic With the ring of the lighting control stalk in the "AUTO" position and when the light is poor, the dipped beam headlamps come on automatically when the ignition is switched off...

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