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DS 3: Safety / Child lock

DS 3 2016-2023 Owners Manual

The system prevents a rear door from being opened using its interior handle.

The red control is located on the edge of each rear door (marked by a label).


DS 3. Child lock

  • To lock, turn the red control as far as it will go using the integral key:
    • To the right on the left-hand rear door.
    • To the left on the right-hand rear door.
  • To unlock, turn it in the opposite direction.

DS 3. Child lock Do not confuse the child lock control, which is red, with the back-up locking control, which is black.

DS 3. Child lock

Electric child lock

This control prevents operation of the rear electric windows and, depending on version, the opening of the rear doors using their interior handles.

DS 3. Child lock


DS 3. Child lock With the ignition on, press this button to activate/deactivate the child lock.

When the indicator lamp is on, the child lock is activated.

DS 3. Child lock With the child lock activated, it is still possible to operate the rear electric windows from the driver's controls.

DS 3. Child lock This system is independent and in no circumstances does it take the place of the central locking control.

Check the status of the child lock each time you switch on the ignition.

Always keep the electronic key with you when leaving the vehicle, even for a short time.

In the event of a serious impact, the electric child lock is switched off automatically to permit the exit of the rear passengers.

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