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DS 3: Checking levels / Screenwash fluid. AdBlue® (BlueHDi)

DS 3 2016-2022 Owners Manual

Screenwash fluid

DS 3. Screenwash fluid. AdBlue® (BlueHDi) Top up to the required level when necessary.

Fluid specification

The fluid must be topped up with a pre-mixed product.

In winter (temperatures below zero), a fluid containing an anti-freeze agent which is appropriate for the temperature conditions must be used in order to protect the system's components (pump, tank, ducts, jets).

DS 3. Screenwash fluid. AdBlue® (BlueHDi) Filling with pure water is prohibited in all circumstances (risk of freezing, limescale, etc.).

AdBlue® (BlueHDi)

An alert is triggered when the reserve level is reached.

For more information on the Indicators and in particular the AdBlue range indicators, refer to the corresponding section.

To avoid the vehicle being immobilised in accordance with regulations, you must top up the AdBlue tank.

For more information on AdBlue® (BlueHDi), and in particular the supply of AdBlue, refer to the corresponding section.

    Brake fluid and Engine coolant

    Brake fluid The level of this fluid should be close to the "MAX" mark. If not, check the brake pads for wear. To know how often the brake fluid should be replaced, refer to the manufacturer's servicing schedule...


    Unless otherwise indicated, check these components in accordance with the manufacturer's service schedule and according to your engine. Otherwise, have them checked by a dealer or a qualified workshop...

    Other information:

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    Remote control function

    DS 3. Remote control function

    The remote control can be used for the following remote functions, depending on version:

    Unlocking/Locking/Deadlocking the vehicle. Unlocking/Locking the boot. Folding/Unfolding the door mirrors. Folding/Unfolding the exterior door handles. Activating/Deactivating the alarm. Locating the vehicle. Closing the windows. Activating the vehicle’s electronic immobiliser.

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