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DS 3: Lighting and visibility / Guide-me-home and welcome lighting

DS 3 2016-2022 Owners Manual

Guide-me-home lighting


With the ring of the lighting control stalk in the "AUTO" position and when the light is poor, the dipped beam headlamps come on automatically when the ignition is switched off.

DS 3. Guide-me-home and welcome lighting You can activate/deactivate this function and adjust the guide-me-home lighting duration in the Driving/Vehicle touch screen menu.


With the ignition off, pull the lighting control stalk toward you ("headlamp flash") to activate/ deactivate the function.

Manual guide-me-home lighting goes off automatically after a period of time.

Welcome lighting

When the vehicle is unlocked in low light conditions and the "Automatic illumination of headlamps" function is activated, this system automatically switches on:

  • On the outside, sidelamps, dipped beam headlamps and door mirror spotlamps.
  • Inside, courtesy lamps and footwell lighting.

DS 3. Guide-me-home and welcome lighting Activation / deactivation and adjustment of the duration of the welcome lighting are set via the Driving / Vehicle touch screen menu.

Door mirror spotlamps

These spotlamps facilitate access to the vehicle by lighting the ground near the front doors.

The spotlamps come on automatically:

  • when the vehicle is unlocked.
  • when a door is opened.
  • when a request to locate the vehicle is received from the remote control.

They also come on with the welcome lighting and guide-me-home lighting functions.

They go off automatically after 30 seconds.

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