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DS 3: Lighting and visibility / Automatic lighting systems - General recommendations

DS 3 2016-2022 Owners Manual

The automatic lighting systems use a detection camera, located at the top of the windscreen.

DS 3. recommendations Operating limits

The system may be disrupted or not work correctly:

  • When visibility conditions are poor (e.g. snowfall, heavy rain).
  • If the windscreen is dirty, misted-up or masked (e.g. sticker) in front of the camera.
  • If the vehicle is facing highly reflective signs or safety barrier reflectors.

The system is not able to detect:

  • Road users that do not have their own lighting, such as pedestrians.
  • Vehicles with hidden lighting (e.g. travelling behind a safety barrier on the motorway).
  • Vehicles at the top or bottom of a steep slope, on winding roads, on crossroads.

DS 3. recommendations Maintenance

Clean the windscreen regularly, particularly the area in front of the camera. The internal surface of the windscreen can also become misted around the camera. In humid and cold weather, demist the windscreen regularly.

Do not allow snow to accumulate on the bonnet or roof of the vehicle as this could obstruct the camera.

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