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DS 3: Navigation / TMC (Traffic Message Channel)

DS 3 2016-2023 Owners Manual

Available in some countries.

TMC (Traffic Message Channel) messages are based on a European standard for traffic information broadcasting via the RDS system on FM radio, sending traffic information in real time.

The TMC information is then displayed on a GPS Navigation system map and taken into account straight away when routes are calculated, to avoid accidents, traffic jams and closed roads.

DS 3. Channel) Danger zone alerts may or may not be displayed, depending on the applicable legislation and subscription to the corresponding service.

    To GPS coordinates

    ress Navigation to display the main page. Explore the map by sliding a finger on the screen. Touch the screen with a finger to go to the next image...

    Connected navigation


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    Principle of operation

    DS 3. Principle of operation

    Using the rear camera, the vehicle's close surroundings are recorded during manoeuvres at low speed.

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