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DS 3: Ease of use and comfort / Boot fittings

DS 3 2016-2023 Owners Manual

DS 3. Boot fittings

  1. Load space cover
  2. Boot lamp
  3. Stowing rings
  4. Boot mat
  5. Tool kit (depending on equipment)
  6. Storage well

DS 3. Boot fittings The stowing rings are designed to secure luggage using different types of retaining nets. They are used with the ISOFIX mounting rings located behind the rear seats.

The retaining nets are available as an option or as an accessory.

For more information, contact a dealer.

Load space cover

DS 3. Boot fittings

To remove the load space cover:

  • unhook the two cords,
  • gently lift the shelf, then remove it.

DS 3. Boot fittings When sharp deceleration occurs, objects placed on the load space cover can turn into projectiles.

Storage well

DS 3. Boot fittings

  • Lift the boot carpet as far as possible to access the storage well.

Depending on version, it includes:

  • A spare wheel with or without the tool kit.
  • The traction battery charging cable (Electric).

High load retaining net

This removable net allows the entire load volume behind the front seats to be used up to the roof when the rear seats are folded. It offers protection to the occupants when very sharp braking occurs.

  • Fold down the rear seats.

DS 3. Boot fittings

  • Insert the ends of the bar, one after the other, into fixing points 1 of the roof.

DS 3. Boot fittings

  • Attach the net’s straps to the lower anchoring points, located on the fixings of the rear bench seat backrest.
  • Pull on the straps to stretch the net.

Boot lamp

It comes on automatically when the boot is opened and goes off automatically when the boot is closed.

The lighting time varies according to the circumstances:

  • When the ignition is off, approximately 10 minutes.
  • In energy saving mode, approximately 30 seconds.
  • With the engine running, unlimited.

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