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DS 3: Driving / Starting/Switching off the engine

DS 3 2016-2022 Owners Manual

DS 3. Starting/Switching off the engine The electronic key must be present in the passenger compartment.

If the electronic key is not detected, a message is displayed.

Move the electronic key so that the engine can be started or switched off.

For versions fitted with Proximity Keyless Entry and Start, the electronic key is also detected in the boot.

If there is still a problem, refer to the "Key not detected - Back-up starting or Back-up switchoff" section.

DS 3. Starting/Switching off the engine Illuminated animations of the "START/ STOP” button indicate the presence or absence of the electronic key in the passenger compartment.

Anti-theft protection

Electronic immobiliser The keys include an electronic engine immobiliser system, with a code that must be recognised in order for starting to be possible...


With a manual gearbox, place the gear lever in neutral and fully depress the clutch pedal. With an automatic gearbox, select mode P or N and press the brake pedal...

Other information:

DS 3 2016-2022 Owners Manual: Tool kit

Set of tools supplied with the vehicle. Its content depends on your vehicle's equipment: Temporary puncture repair kit. Spare wheel. Access to the tools Depending on version, the tool kit is stored in a bag or in a storage box in the boot. On the boot carpet In the event of a breakdown Under the boot carpet Raise the boot carpet by pulling the strap to access the tools...

DS 3 2016-2022 Owners Manual: Pairing a Bluetooth® telephone

Up to 10 phones can be paired to the system. Activate the Bluetooth function on the telephone beforehand and ensure that it is "visible to all" (telephone configuration). To complete the pairing, whichever procedure is used (from the telephone or from the system), ensure that the code is the same in the system and in the telephone...


Principle of operation

DS 3. Principle of operation

Using the rear camera, the vehicle's close surroundings are recorded during manoeuvres at low speed.

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