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DS 3: Driving / Anti-theft protection

DS 3 2016-2022 Owners Manual

Electronic immobiliser

The keys include an electronic engine immobiliser system, with a code that must be recognised in order for starting to be possible.

If the system malfunctions, indicated by the display of a message, the engine will not start.

Contact a dealer.


    Driving with a trailer places greater demands on the towing vehicle and particular care must be taken. Do not exceed the maximum towable weights...

    Starting/Switching off the engine

    The electronic key must be present in the passenger compartment. If the electronic key is not detected, a message is displayed. Move the electronic key so that the engine can be started or switched off...

    Other information:

    DS 3 2016-2022 Owners Manual: 7-inch or 10-inch touch screen

    This system gives access to the following elements: Permanent display of the time and outside temperature (a blue warning lamp appears if there is a risk of ice). Heating/air conditioning system controls. Vehicle functions and equipment setting menus...

    DS 3 2016-2022 Owners Manual: Selector

    Switching on Switching off (long press) Brightness adjustment Display height adjustment Activation/Deactivation With the engine running, press button 1 to activate the system and deploy the projection blade. Press and hold button 2 to deactivate the system and retract the projection blade...


    Digital instrument panel

    This digital instrument panel can be customised. Depending on the display mode selected, certain information is hidden or presented differently.

    DS 3. Digital instrument panel

    Rev counter (x 1000 rpm) (Petrol or Diesel)

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