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DS 3: Spare wheel / Removing a wheel

DS 3 2016-2023 Owners Manual

DS 3. Removing a wheel Parking the vehicle

Immobilise the vehicle where it does not obstruct traffic: the ground must be level, stable and non-slippery.

With a manual gearbox, engage first gear to lock the wheels, apply the parking brake, unless it is set to automatic mode, and switch off the ignition.

With an automatic gearbox, select mode P to lock the wheels, apply the parking brake, unless it is set to automatic mode, and switch off the ignition.

Check that the parking brake indicator lamps on the instrument panel are on fixed.

The occupants must get out of the vehicle and wait where they are safe.

If necessary, place a chock under the wheel diagonally opposite the wheel to be changed. Never go underneath a vehicle raised using a jack; use an axle stand.

DS 3. Removing a wheel Wheel with wheel trim

When removing the wheel, first remove the wheel trim by pulling at the valve aperture using the wheelbrace.

When refitting the wheel, refit the wheel trim, starting by placing its aperture in line with the valve and then pushing it into place all round its edge with the palm of your hand.

DS 3. Removing a wheel

  • To remove the wheel bolt cover on each of the bolts, use tool 7 (alloy wheels).
  • Fit security socket 2 on wheelbrace 5 to slacken the security bolt.
  • Slacken the other bolts using the wheelbrace 5 only.

DS 3. Removing a wheel

  • Place the foot of jack 6 on the ground and ensure that it is directly below the front A or rear B jacking point on the underbody, whichever is closest to the wheel to be changed.

DS 3. Removing a wheel

  • Extend jack 6 until its head comes into contact with jacking point A or B; contact area A or B on the vehicle must be properly inserted into the central part of the head of the jack.
  • Raise the vehicle until there is sufficient space between the wheel and the ground to easily admit the spare (not punctured) wheel.

DS 3. Removing a wheel Ensure that the jack is stable. If the ground is slippery or loose, the jack may slip or collapse - risk of injury!

Take care to position the jack strictly at one of the jacking points A or B under the vehicle, ensuring that the head of the jack is centred under the contact area on the vehicle.

Otherwise, there is a risk of damage to the vehicle and/or of the jack collapsing - risk of injury!

DS 3. Removing a wheel

  • Remove the bolts and store them in a clean place.
  • Remove the wheel.

    Access to the spare wheel

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    Fitting a wheel

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