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DS 3: Exterior lighting control stalk / Rear foglamp

DS 3 2016-2023 Owners Manual

DS 3. Rear foglamp It only works if the dipped or main beam headlamps are on.

DS 3. Rear foglamp

  • Rotate the ring forwards/backwards to turn it on/off.

When the lighting is switched off automatically ("AUTO" position) the foglamp and the sidelamps remain on.

DS 3. Rear foglamp Switching on the foglamps is prohibited in clear weather or in rain, both day and night. In these situations, the power of their beams may dazzle other drivers. They must only be used in fog or falling snow (rules may vary depending on country).

Do not forget to switch off the foglamps when they are no longer necessary.

DS 3. Rear foglamp Switching off of the lamps when the ignition is switched off

When the ignition is switched off, all of the lamps turn off immediately, except for dipped beam headlamps if automatic guide-me-home lighting is activated.

DS 3. Rear foglamp Switching on the lamps after switching off the ignition

To reactivate the lighting control, rotate the ring to the "AUTO" position, then to the desired position.

If the driver's door is opened, a temporary audible signal warns the driver that the lamps are on.

They will go off automatically after a period of time that depends on the level of charge in the battery (entering energy economy mode).

DS 3. Rear foglamp In some weather conditions (e.g. low temperature or humidity), the presence of misting on the internal surface of the glass of the headlamps and rear lamps is normal; it disappears after the lamps have been on for a few minutes.

DS 3. Rear foglamp Never look too closely at the light beam of LED technology lamps - risk of serious eye injury!

DS 3. Rear foglamp

DS 3. Rear foglamp Travelling abroad

Vehicles equipped with halogen headlamps:

If planning to use your vehicle in a country that drives on the other side of the road, the dipped beam headlamps must be adjusted to avoid dazzling oncoming drivers. Contact a dealer or a qualified workshop.

    Main lighting

    Automatic illumination of lamps/daytime running lamps Sidelamps only Dipped or main beam headlamps "Highway function" On versions fitted with "Full LED" technology headlamps, the range of the dipped beam headlamps is automatically increased once the speed of the vehicle is above 68 mph (110 km/h)...

    Daytime running lamps / Sidelamps

    The front and rear lamps light up automatically when the engine starts. They provide the following functions: Daytime running lamps (lighting control stalk in the "AUTO" position with adequate light level)...

    Other information:

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    Towing your vehicle

    To access the front screw thread:

    DS 3. Towing your vehicle

    Unclip the cover by pressing at its top lefthand corner. Release the cover.

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