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DS 3: Active Lane Departure Warning System / Operating limits

DS 3 2016-2023 Owners Manual

The system goes into standby automatically in the following cases:

  • ESC deactivated or operation triggered.
  • Speed below 43 mph (70 km/h) or greater than 112 mph (180 km/h),
  • Electrical connection of a trailer.
  • Use of a"space-saver" spare wheel detected (as detection is not immediate, deactivation of the system is recommended).
  • Dynamic driving style detected, pressure on the brake or accelerator pedal.
  • Driving where there are no lane markings.
  • Activation of the direction indicators.
  • Crossing the inside line on a bend.
  • Driving in a tight corner.
  • Inactivity by the driver detected during correction.

DS 3. Operating limits The following situations may interfere with the operation of the system or prevent it from working:

  • Insufficient contrast between the road surface and the side of the road (e.g. shade).
  • Lane markings worn, hidden (snow, mud) or multiple (roadworks, etc.),
  • Running close to the vehicle in front (the lane markings may not be detected).
  • Roads that are narrow, winding.

Risk of undesirable operation

The system should be deactivated in the following situations:

  • When changing a wheel or working near a wheel.
  • Towing or with a bicycle carrier on a towing device, especially with trailer not plugged in or not approved.
  • Road in poor condition, unstable or with very poor grip (risk of aquaplaning, snow, ice).
  • Adverse weather conditions.
  • Driving on racing circuits.
  • Driving on a rolling road.

    Driving situations and related alerts

    The table below describes the alerts and messages displayed in different driving situations. The actual order of display of these alerts may be different...

    Deactivation/Activation. Malfunction

    Deactivation/Activation Press this button to deactivate/reactivate the system at any time. Deactivation is signalled by the lighting of the indicator lamp in the button and this warning lamp in the instrument panel...

    Other information:

    DS 3 2016-2023 Owners Manual: First steps

    With the engine running, a press mutes the sound. With the ignition off, a press turns the system on. Increase or decrease the volume using the thumbwheel on the left-hand side. To access the menus, press this button on the touch screen. Press the back arrow to go back a level...

    DS 3 2016-2023 Owners Manual: Remote control function

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    Identification markings

    Various visible markings for vehicle identification and vehicle search.

    DS 3. Identification markings

    Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), under the bonnet.

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