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DS 3: In the event of a breakdown / Warning triangle

DS 3 2016-2022 Owners Manual

This reflective and dismantlable device is to be installed on the side of the road when a vehicle is broken down or damaged.

DS 3. Warning triangle Before getting out of the vehicle

Turn on the hazard warning lamps, then put on the safety vest to assemble and install the triangle.


DS 3. Warning triangle

Use the straps on the boot sill trim to stow the folded triangle or its storage box.

Assembling and placing the triangle

DS 3. Warning triangle

For versions supplied with a triangle as original equipment, refer to the illustration above. For other versions, refer to the assembly instructions provided with the triangle.

  • Put the triangle in place behind the vehicle, as required by local legislation.

    In the event of a breakdown


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    Remote control function

    DS 3. Remote control function

    The remote control can be used for the following remote functions, depending on version:

    Unlocking/Locking/Deadlocking the vehicle. Unlocking/Locking the boot. Folding/Unfolding the door mirrors. Folding/Unfolding the exterior door handles. Activating/Deactivating the alarm. Locating the vehicle. Closing the windows. Activating the vehicle’s electronic immobiliser.

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