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DS 3: Ease of use and comfort / Interior fittings

DS 3 2016-2024 Owners Manual

DS 3. Interior fittings

  1. Grab handle
  2. Sun visor
  3. Glove box
  4. Door pockets
  5. Storage compartment or Wireless smartphone charger
  6. Cup holder
  7. Central armrest with USB port and 12 V accessory socket (depending on version)
  8. Storage compartment below the steering wheel

Sun visor

  • With the ignition on, raise the concealing flap; depending on the version, the mirror is illuminated automatically.

This sun visor is also equipped with a ticket holder.

Glove box

  • To open the glove box, lift the handle.

DS 3. Interior fittings

DS 3. Interior fittings Never drive with the glove box open when a passenger is at the front. It may cause injury during sharp deceleration!

Central armrest

DS 3. Interior fittings

It includes a storage space.

USB sockets

These symbols determine the type of use of a USB socket:

DS 3. Interior fittings Power supply and recharging.

DS 3. Interior fittings Likewise, plus exchange of multimedia data with the audio system.

DS 3. Interior fittings Likewise, plus use of smartphone applications with the touch screen.

DS 3. Interior fittings

USB sockets allow the connection of a portable device.

DS 3. Interior fittings Depending on version, the USB socket located on the centre console also allows a smartphone to be connected by Android Auto® or CarPlay®, enabling certain smartphone applications to be used on the touch screen.

For best results, use a cable made or approved by the device manufacturer.

These applications can be managed using the steering-mounted controls or the audio system controls.

DS 3. Interior fittings When the USB socket is used, the portable device charges automatically.

While charging, a message is displayed if the power drawn by the portable device exceeds the current supplied by the vehicle.

For more information about how to use this equipment, refer to the sections describing the audio and telematics systems.

12 V accessory socket

DS 3. Interior fittings

  • Plug in a 12 V accessory (with a maximum rated power of 120 W) using a suitable adapter.

DS 3. Interior fittings Observe the maximum power rating to avoid damaging the accessory.

DS 3. Interior fittings The connection of an unapproved electrical device, such as a USB charger, may adversely affect the operation of vehicle electrical systems, causing faults such as poor radio reception or interference with displays in the screens.


Hi-Fi system

DS 3. Interior fittings

The vehicle is equipped with a high-fidelity acoustic system from the French brand FOCAL®.

12 speakers incorporating exclusive FOCAL® technologies offer the pleasure of pure and detailed sound inside the vehicle:

  • Polyglass technology central speaker/satellite speakers: sound immersion and spatialisation.
  • Polyglass technology woofers/mid-ranges with high excursion: balance, dynamics and precision of sound.
  • Aluminium TNF inverted dome tweeter: optimal sound dispersion, detailed treble.
  • 12-way active amplification - 515 Watts Hybrid Class AB/Class D technology: breadth and finesse in the high frequency signals, as well as real power in the bass.
  • Subwoofer with high excursion Power FlowerTM triple coil technology: deep and controlled reproduction of low frequencies.

DS 3. Interior fittings Subwoofer under boot carpet

Regularly vacuum the grille and be careful not to have any liquids nearby.

Wireless smartphone charger

DS 3. Interior fittings

This system allows wireless charging of a portable device such as a smartphone, using the magnetic induction principle, in accordance with the Qi 1.1 standard.

The portable device to be charged must be compatible with the Qi standard, either by design or by using a compatible holder or shell.

A mat can also be used provided that it is approved by the Manufacturer.

The charging area is identified by the Qi symbol. The charger works with the engine running and with the Stop & Start system in STOP mode.

Charging is managed by the smartphone.

With the Keyless Entry and Starting system, the charger’s operation may be briefly disrupted when a door is opened or the ignition is switched off.


  • With the charging area clear, place a device in its centre.

DS 3. Interior fittings

When the portable device is detected, the charger’s indicator lamp lights up green. It remains lit for the whole time that the battery is being charged.

DS 3. Interior fittings The system is not designed to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

DS 3. Interior fittings Do not leave metal objects (e.g. coins, keys, vehicle remote control) in the charging area while a device is being charged - risk of overheating or interrupting the charging!

DS 3. Interior fittings

Checking operation

The state of the indicator lamp allows the operation of the charger to be monitored.

DS 3. Interior fittings

DS 3. Interior fittings

DS 3. Interior fittings

If the indicator lamp is fixed orange:

  • remove the device, then place it back in the centre of the charging zone.


  • remove the device and try again in a quarter of an hour.

If the problem persists, have the system checked by a dealer or a qualified workshop.



DS 3. Interior fittings

When fitting it on the driver's side, only use the mountings present on the carpet (a "click" indicates proper locking).

The other mats are simply laid over the carpet.


  • To remove it on the driver's side, move the seat backwards and unclip the fasteners.
  • To refit it, position the mat and secure it by pressing down.
  • Check that the mat is secured correctly.

DS 3. Interior fittings To avoid any risk of jamming the pedals:

  • Only use mats which are suited to the fixings already present in the vehicle; these fixings must be used.
  • Never fit one mat on top of another.

The use of mats not approved by the Manufacturer may interfere with access to the pedals and hinder the operation of the cruise control/speed limiter.

The approved mats have two fasteners located underneath the seat.

    A/C preconditioning (Electric)

    This function allows you to programme the temperature in the passenger compartment to reach a pre-defined, non-modifiable temperature (approx. 21°C) before you enter the vehicle, on the days and at the times of your choice...

    Courtesy lamps

    Front courtesy lamp Front map reading lamps Front courtesy lamps In this position, the courtesy lamp comes on gradually: on unlocking the vehicle, on removing the key from the ignition, on opening a door, on activating the remote control locking button, in order to locate your vehicle...

    Other information:

    DS 3 2016-2024 Owners Manual: Door mirrors

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    DS 3 2016-2024 Owners Manual: Access to the Handbook

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    Digital instrument panel

    This digital instrument panel can be customised. Depending on the display mode selected, certain information is hidden or presented differently.

    DS 3. Digital instrument panel

    Rev counter (x 1000 rpm) (Petrol or Diesel)

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