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DS 3: Driving / Electric parking brake

DS 3 2016-2023 Owners Manual

In automatic mode, this system applies the parking brake when the engine is switched off and releases it when the vehicle moves off.

DS 3. Electric parking brake

At any time, with the engine running:

  • To apply the parking brake, briefly pull the control.
  • To release it, briefly push the control while pressing the brake pedal.

Automatic mode is activated by default.

This automatic operation can be temporarily deactivated.

Switching on the ignition without starting the engine.  Key not detected. Emergency switch-off

Switching on the ignition without starting the engine With the electronic key in the passenger compartment, pressing the "START/STOP" button, without depressing any of the pedals, allows the ignition to be switched on without starting the engine...

Indicator lamp

This indicator lamp comes on both on the instrument panel and on the control to confirm that the parking brake has been applied, accompanied by display of the message "Parking brake applied"...

Other information:

DS 3 2016-2023 Owners Manual: Gear shift indicator

(Depending on engine.) System which reduces fuel consumption by recommending the most appropriate gear. Operation Depending on the driving situation and the vehicle's equipment, the system may recommend skipping one or more gears. Gear engagement recommendations are not to be considered mandatory...

DS 3 2016-2023 Owners Manual: Authorize sending information

Press Settings to display the main page. Press the "OPTIONS" button to access the secondary page. Select "System configuration". Select the "Private mode" tab. OR Press "Notifications". Press "Private mode". THEN Activate or deactivate: "No data sharing except for company vehicles"...


Remote control function

DS 3. Remote control function

The remote control can be used for the following remote functions, depending on version:

Unlocking/Locking/Deadlocking the vehicle. Unlocking/Locking the boot. Folding/Unfolding the door mirrors. Folding/Unfolding the exterior door handles. Activating/Deactivating the alarm. Locating the vehicle. Closing the windows. Activating the vehicle’s electronic immobiliser.

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