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DS 3: Indicators / Charge level indicator (Electric)

DS 3 2016-2023 Owners Manual

DS 3. Charge level indicator (Electric)

The traction battery charge status and remaining range are displayed continuously when the vehicle is started.

DS 3. Charge level indicator (Electric) With the ignition off, opening the driver's door activates the indicator.

Associated warning lamps

Two successive alert levels indicate that the energy available has dropped to a low level: 1st level: Reserve

DS 3. Charge level indicator (Electric) The state of charge of the traction battery is low.

Fixed, accompanied by an audible signal.

  • View the remaining range on the instrument panel.
  • Put the vehicle on charge as soon as possible.

2nd level: Critical

DS 3. Charge level indicator (Electric) The state of charge of the traction battery is critical.

Fixed, together with the reserve warning lamp, accompanied by an audible signal.

  • You must put the vehicle on charge.

DS 3. Charge level indicator (Electric) The remaining range is no longer calculated. The drive train power gradually decreases.

The heating and air conditioning are switched off (even if the thermal comfort consumption indicator is not at the "ECO" level).

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