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DS 3: Temporary puncture repair kit / Repair procedure

DS 3 2016-2023 Owners Manual

DS 3. Repair procedure Do not remove any foreign bodies (e.g. nail, screw) which have penetrated into the tyre.

  • Park the vehicle without obstructing traffic and apply the parking brake.
  • Follow the safety instructions (hazard warning lamps, warning triangle, high visibility jacket, etc.) according to the legislation in force in the country in which you are driving.
  • Switch the ignition off.
  • Uncoil the pipe stowed under the compressor.

DS 3. Repair procedure

  • Connect the pipe from the compressor to the bottle of sealant.

DS 3. Repair procedure

  • Turn the bottle of sealant over and secure it in the notch provided on the compressor.
  • Remove the valve cap from the tyre to be repaired, and place it in a clean place.

DS 3. Repair procedure

  • Connect the hose from the bottle of sealant to the valve of the tyre to be repaired and tighten firmly.
  • Check that the compressor switch is in position "O".
  • Fully uncoil the electric cable stowed under the compressor.
  • Connect the compressor's electric plug to the vehicle's 12 V socket.
  • DS 3. Repair procedure Affix the speed limit sticker.

DS 3. Repair procedure The speed limit sticker must be affixed inside the vehicle in the area close to the driver, to remind them that a wheel is in temporary use.

  • Switch the ignition on.

DS 3. Repair procedure

  • Switch on the compressor by moving the switch to position "I" until the tyre pressure reaches 2 bar. The sealant product is injected under pressure into the tyre; do not disconnect the pipe from the valve during this operation (risk of blowback).

DS 3. Repair procedure

DS 3. Repair procedure If after approximately 7 minutes, the pressure of 2 bar is not reached, this indicates that the tyre is not repairable; contact a dealer or a qualified workshop for assistance.

  • Move the switch to position "O".
  • Disconnect the compressor's electric plug from the vehicle's 12 V socket.
  • Remove the kit.
  • Refit the cap on the valve.
  • Remove and store the bottle of sealant.

DS 3. Repair procedure The sealant product is harmful if swallowed and causes irritation to the eyes.

Keep this product out of the reach of children. The use-by date of the fluid is marked on the bottle.

After use, do not discard the bottle into the environment; take it to a dealer or an authorised waste disposal site.

Do not forget to obtain a new bottle of sealant, available from a dealer or a qualified workshop.

DS 3. Repair procedure

  • Drive immediately for approximately 3 miles (5 kilometres) at reduced speed (between 12 and 37 mph (20 and 60 km/h)) to plug the puncture.
  • Stop to check the repair and the tyre pressure using the kit.

DS 3. Repair procedure With a tyre repaired using this type of kit, do not exceed a speed of 50 mph (80 km/h) and do not drive more than 125 miles (200 km).

Contact a dealer or a qualified workshop to have the tyre changed.

    Temporary puncture repair kit

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