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DS 3: Instruments / Manual test. Total distance recorder

DS 3 2016-2023 Owners Manual

Manual test

This function allows you to check certain indicators and display the alerts log.

DS 3. Manual test. Total distance recorder It can be accessed via the "Check" button in the Driving/Vehicle touch screen menu.

The following information is displayed on the instrument panel:

  • Next service due.
  • Tyre pressures.
  • Driving range associated with the AdBlue® and the SCR system (BlueHDi Diesel).
  • Current alerts.

DS 3. Manual test. Total distance recorder This information is also displayed automatically every time the ignition is switched on.

Total distance recorder

The total distance recorder measures the total distance travelled by the vehicle since its initial registration.

With the ignition on, the total distance is displayed at all times. It remains displayed for 30 seconds after switching off the ignition. It is displayed when the driver's door is opened, and when the vehicle is locked or unlocked.

DS 3. Manual test. Total distance recorder When travelling abroad, you may have to change the distance units (km or miles): the road speed must be displayed in the local country’s official unit (km/h or mph).

The unit is changed via the screen configuration menu, with the vehicle stationary.

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