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DS 3: Driving / Gear shift indicator

DS 3 2016-2023 Owners Manual

(Depending on engine.)

System which reduces fuel consumption by recommending the most appropriate gear.


Depending on the driving situation and the vehicle's equipment, the system may recommend skipping one or more gears.

Gear engagement recommendations are not to be considered mandatory. Indeed, the configuration of the road, the traffic density and safety remain determining factors when choosing the best gear. Therefore, the driver remains responsible for deciding whether or not to follow the system’s advice.

The system cannot be deactivated.

DS 3. Gear shift indicator With an automatic gearbox, the system is only active in manual operation.

DS 3. Gear shift indicator The information appears on the instrument panel, in the form of an arrow and the recommended gear.

DS 3. Gear shift indicator The system adapts the gear change instructions according to the driving conditions (e.g. slope, load) and driving style (e.g. power demand, acceleration, braking).

The system never suggests:

engaging first gear;

engaging reverse gear.

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