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DS 3: Driving / Cruise control

DS 3 2016-2024 Owners Manual

DS 3. Cruise control For more information, refer to the General recommendations on the use of driving and manoeuvring aids and the Cruise control - particular recommendations.

DS 3. Cruise control This system automatically maintains the vehicle’s speed at the value programmed by the driver (speed setting), without the use of the accelerator pedal.

Cruise control is switched on manually.

It requires a minimum vehicle speed of 25 mph (40 km/h).

With a manual gearbox, third gear or higher must be engaged.

With an automatic gearbox, mode D or second gear or higher in mode M must be engaged.

With a drive selector, mode D or B must be engaged.

DS 3. Cruise control Cruise control remains active after changing gear, regardless of the gearbox type, on engines fitted with Stop & Start.

DS 3. Cruise control Switching off the ignition cancels any speed setting.

Cruise control - particular recommendations

For the safety of everyone, only use the cruise control where the driving conditions allow running at a constant speed and keeping an adequate safety distance...

Steering-mounted control. Information displayed on the instrument panel.

Steering-mounted control ON (CRUISE position)/OFF Activate cruise control at the current speed/ decrease speed setting Activate cruise control at the current speed/ increase speed setting Pause/resume cruise control with the speed setting previously saved Depending on version:Display the speed thresholds saved using the Memorising speeds function or Use the speed suggested by the ..

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Digital instrument panel

This digital instrument panel can be customised. Depending on the display mode selected, certain information is hidden or presented differently.

DS 3. Digital instrument panel

Rev counter (x 1000 rpm) (Petrol or Diesel)

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