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DS 3: Driving / Active Safety Brake with Collision Risk Alert and Intelligent emergency braking assistance

DS 3 2016-2022 Owners Manual

DS 3. braking assistance For more information, refer to the General recommendations on the use of driving and manoeuvring aids.

DS 3. braking assistance

This system:

  • warns the driver that their vehicle is at risk of collision with the vehicle in front, a pedestrian or, depending on version, a cyclist.
  • reduces the vehicle's speed to avoid a collision or limit its severity.

DS 3. braking assistance The system also takes motorcyclists and animals into account; however, animals below 0.5 m tall and objects on the road are not necessarily detected.

This system is comprised of three functions:

  • Collision Risk Alert.
  • Intelligent emergency braking assistance (iEBA).
  • Active Safety Brake (automatic emergency braking).

DS 3. braking assistance

The vehicle has a multifunction camera located at the top of the windscreen and, depending on version, a radar located in the front bumper.

DS 3. braking assistance This system does not replace the need for vigilance on the part of the driver.

This system is designed to assist the driver and improve road safety.

It is the driver's responsibility to continuously monitor traffic conditions in accordance with applicable driving regulations.

DS 3. braking assistance As soon as the system detects a potential obstacle, it prepares the braking circuit in case automatic braking is needed. This may cause a slight noise and a slight sensation of deceleration.

Operating limits. Malfunction

Operating limits No alert is triggered in the following conditions: presence of stationary objects (e.g. parked vehicles, safety rails, lampposts, signs)...

Deactivation/Activation. Operating conditions and limits

Deactivation/Activation By default, the system is automatically activated at every engine start. The settings are changed via the Driving/Vehicle touch screen menu...

Other information:

DS 3 2016-2022 Owners Manual: Media

Selecting the source Press the "Media" menu. Press the "SOURCE" button. Select the source (USB, Bluetooth or AUX, depending on equipment). USB port Insert the USB memory stick into the USB port or connect the USB device to the USB port using a suitable cable (not supplied)...

DS 3 2016-2022 Owners Manual: Access to the spare wheel

The spare wheel is stored under the boot carpet. The spare wheel is a ‘space-saver’ wheel. Removing the spare wheel Slacken the central nut. Remove the fastening device (nut and bolt). Lift the spare wheel towards you from the rear. Take the wheel out of the boot...


Instruments and controls

These illustrations and descriptions are provided for information only, as the locations of certain elements may vary depending on the version or trim level.

DS 3. Instruments and controls

Front courtesy/map reading lamps Emergency and assistance call buttons Warning lamp display for seat belts and front passenger airbag Interior rear view mirror Head-up display Digital instrument panel Fusebox Bonnet release Front passenger airbag Glove box

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