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DS 3 2016-2023 Owners Manual

Thank you for choosing a DS 3 CROSSBACK.

This document contains the key information and recommendations you will need to be able to explore your vehicle in complete safety. We strongly recommend familiarising yourself with it, as well as the Maintenance and Warranty Guide.

Your vehicle will be fitted with only some of the equipment described in this document, depending on its trim level, version and the specification for the country in which it was sold.

The descriptions and illustrations are for guidance only.

The brand DS Automobiles is marketed by Automobiles CITROËN, a public limited company with a share capital of €159,000,000 whose head office is located at 2-10 boulevard de l'Europe, 78300 POISSY, FRANCE, registered with the Trade and Company Register (RCS) of Versailles under number 642 050 199, hereafter referred to as the "Manufacturer" and who reserves the right to modify the technical specifications, equipment and accessories without having to update this document.

If ownership of your vehicle is transferred, please ensure this Handbook is passed on to the new owner.

DS 3. Welcome For any work on your vehicle, contact a member of the Manufacturer’s dealer network, hereinafter referred to as a ‘dealer’, or a qualified workshop.


DS 3. Welcome Safety warning

DS 3. Welcome Additional information

DS 3. Welcome Environmental protection feature

DS 3. Welcome Left-hand drive vehicle

DS 3. Welcome Right-hand drive vehicle

DS 3. Welcome Location of equipment/button indicated using a black area

    Access to the Handbook

    MOBILE APPLICATION Install the Scan MyDS application (content available offline). Then select: the vehicle, the issue period corresponding to the date of 1st registration of the vehicle...



    Other information:

    DS 3 2016-2023 Owners Manual: Display in operation

    Once the system has been activated, the following information is grouped together in the head-up display: The speed of the vehicle. Cruise control/speed limiter information and, if the vehicle is so equipped, the Road signs recognition function. If the vehicle is so equipped, inter-vehicle distance information, lane departure warning system information, lane positioning assist inf..

    DS 3 2016-2023 Owners Manual: Disconnection

    Before disconnecting the nozzle from the charging connector: If the vehicle is unlocked, lock it and then unlock it. If the vehicle is locked, unlock it. The red indicator lamp in the flap goes out to confirm that the charging nozzle is unlocked. Within 30 seconds, remove the charging nozzle. The charging indicator lamp comes on in white. With selective door unlocking activated, p..



    DS 3. Selector

    Switching on Switching off (long press) Brightness adjustment Display height adjustment

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