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DS 3: Safety / Seat belts

DS 3 2016-2022 Owners Manual

Inertia reel

The seat belts are equipped with an inertia reel which allows the strap length to automatically adjust to your shape. The seat belt returns to its storage automatically when it is not used.

The inertia reels are fitted with a device which automatically locks the strap in the event of a collision, emergency braking or if the vehicle rolls over. It can be released by pulling the strap firmly and then releasing it so that it reels in slightly.

Pyrotechnic pretensioning

This system improves safety in the event of a frontal or side impact.

Depending on the severity of the impact, the pyrotechnic pretensioning system instantly tightens the seat belts against the body of the occupants.

The pyrotechnic pretensioning seat belts are enabled when the ignition is on.

Force limiting system

This system reduces the pressure of the seat belt on the chest of the occupant, thus improving their protection.

DS 3. Seat belts In the event of an impact

Depending on the nature and seriousness of the impacts, the pyrotechnic device may trigger before and independently of airbag deployment. Deployment of the pretensioners is accompanied by a slight discharge of harmless smoke and a noise, due to the activation of the pyrotechnic cartridge incorporated in the system.

In all cases, the airbag warning lamp comes on.

Following an impact, have the seat belt system checked, and if necessary replaced, by a dealer or a qualified workshop.

Front seat belts

The front seat belts are fitted with a pyrotechnic pretensioning system and a force limiting system.

Rear seat belts

DS 3. Seat belts

Each of the rear seats has a three-point seat belt with inertia reel.

The outer seats are fitted with a pyrotechnic pretensioning and force limiting system.


  • Pull the strap, then insert the tongue into the buckle.
  • Check that the seat belt is fastened correctly by pulling on the strap.


  • Press the red button on the buckle.
  • Guide the seat belt as it is reeled in.

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Seat belt not fastened/unfastened alerts

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DS 3. Selector

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