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DS 3 2016-2024 Owners Manual

DS 3. Roof racks As a safety measure and to avoid damaging the roof, it is essential to use transverse roof bars approved for your vehicle. Observe the instructions on fitting and use contained in the guide supplied with the roof bars.

DS 3. Roof racks

To install the roof bars, you must secure them only to the four fixing points on the roof frame.

These points are concealed by the vehicle's doors when they are closed.

The roof bar fixings include a lug to be fitted into the hole at each fixing point.

DS 3. Roof racks Maximum load distributed over the roof bars, for a loading height not exceeding 40 cm: 75 kg.

As this value may change, please verify the maximum load quoted in the guide supplied with the roof bars.

If the height exceeds 40 cm, adapt the speed of the vehicle to the profile of the road to avoid damaging the roof bars and the fixings on the vehicle.

Be sure to refer to national legislation in order to comply with the regulations for transporting objects that are longer than the vehicle.

DS 3. Roof racks Recommendations

Distribute the load uniformly, taking care to avoid overloading one of the sides.

Arrange the heaviest part of the load as close as possible to the roof.

Secure the load firmly.

Drive gently: the vehicle will be more susceptible to the effects of side winds and its stability may be affected.

Regularly check the security and tight fastening of the roof bars, at least before each trip.

Remove the roof bars once they are no longer needed.

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