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DS 3: Parking sensors / Rear and Front parking sensors

DS 3 2016-2023 Owners Manual

Rear parking sensors

The system is switched on by engaging reverse gear, which is confirmed by an audible signal. The system is switched off when disengaging reverse gear.

Audible assistance

DS 3. Rear and Front parking sensors

The system signals the presence of obstacles within the sensors’ detection zone.

DS 3. Rear and Front parking sensors

Depending on version, in the example shown, only the obstacles present in the shaded area will be signalled by the audible assistance.

The proximity information is given by an intermittent audible signal, the frequency of which increases as the vehicle approaches the obstacle.

When the distance between the vehicle and the obstacle becomes less than about thirty centimetres, the audible signal becomes continuous.

The sound emitted by the speaker (right or left) indicates the side on which the obstacle is located.

DS 3. Rear and Front parking sensors Adjusting the audible signal

DS 3. Rear and Front parking sensors Depending on version, with DS CONNECT RADIO or DS CONNECT NAV, pressing this button opens the window for adjusting the volume of the audible signal.

Visual assistance

DS 3. Rear and Front parking sensors

This supplements the audible signal by displaying bars on the screen that represent the distance between the obstacle and the vehicle (white: more distant, orange: close, red: very close).

When the obstacle is very close, the "Danger" symbol is displayed on the screen.

Front parking sensors

Supplementing the rear parking sensors, the front parking sensors are triggered when an obstacle is detected in front and the speed of the vehicle is still below 6 mph (10 km/h).

Front parking sensor operation is suspended if the vehicle stops for more than three seconds in forward gear, if an obstacle is no longer detected or the vehicle speed exceeds 6 mph (10 km/h).

DS 3. Rear and Front parking sensors The sound emitted by the speaker (front or rear) locates the obstacle relative to the vehicle, in front or behind it.

    Parking sensors

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