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DS 3: Doors / Opening

DS 3 2016-2023 Owners Manual

From outside

  • Unlock your vehicle to unfold the door handles.
  • Pull the handle.

DS 3. Opening When selective unlocking is activated, only the driver door's handle will unfold and only the driver's door can be opened.

From inside

  • Pull the interior door opening lever; the exterior door handles unfold automatically.

Opening one of the doors from inside unlocks the rest of the vehicle.

DS 3. Opening With selective unlocking activated:

  • Opening the driver's door unlocks the driver's door only (if the vehicle has not already been completely unlocked).
  • Opening one of the passenger doors unlocks the rest of the vehicle.
  • Opening a door from inside causes the unfolding of all the exterior handles.

    Retractable handles

    The doors are equipped with handles that unfold and retract automatically depending on the vehicle state: When unlocking the vehicle, the handles unfold to allow access to the vehicle...


    Opening After unlocking the vehicle or just the boot, press the opening control and then lift the tailgate. Closing Lower the tailgate using one of the interior grab handles...

    Other information:

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    DS 3. Selector

    Switching on Switching off (long press) Brightness adjustment Display height adjustment

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