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DS 3: Back-up procedures / Central locking not functioning

DS 3 2016-2022 Owners Manual

Use these procedures in the following cases:

  • Central locking malfunction.
  • Battery disconnected or discharged.

DS 3. Central locking not functioning In the event of a malfunction of the central locking system, the battery must be disconnected to ensure that the vehicle is locked fully.

Driver's door

  • If the handle is retracted, press on it up to the point of resistance to unfold it.
  • Pull the handle to access the lock.
  • Insert the key in the lock and turn it to lock the door.

Passenger doors


Pull the interior door opening control.


DS 3. Central locking not functioning

  • Open the doors.
  • For the rear doors, check that the child lock is not on.

    Refer to the corresponding section.

  • Remove the black cap, located on the edge of the door, using the key.
  • Insert the key into the socket without forcing it, then turn the latch towards the inside of the door.
  • Remove the key and refit the black cap.
  • Close the doors and check from the outside that the vehicle is locked.

    Complete unlocking/locking of the vehicle with the key

    Use this procedure in the following situations: Remote control battery discharged. Remote control malfunction. Vehicle battery discharged. Vehicle in an area subject to strong electromagnetic interference...

    Changing the battery

    A message is displayed on the instrument panel when the battery needs changing. Battery type: CR2032/3 volts. Unclip the cover by inserting a small screwdriver in the slot and lift the cover...

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    Choosing the display mode

    In each mode, specific types of information are displayed on the instrument panel.

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