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DS 3: Park Assist / Operating limits. Malfunctions

DS 3 2016-2023 Owners Manual

Operating limits

  • The system may suggest an inappropriate parking space (parking prohibited, work in progress with damaged road surface, location alongside a ditch, etc.).
  • The system may indicate that a space has been found but will not offer it because of a fixed obstacle on the opposite side of the manoeuvre, which would not allow the vehicle to follow a trajectory required for parking.
  • The system may indicate that a space has been found but the manoeuvre will not be triggered, because the width of the lane is insufficient.
  • The system is not designed for performing the parking manoeuvre on a sharp bend.
  • The system does not detect spaces that are much larger than the vehicle itself or that are delimited by obstacles that are too low (pavements, studs, etc.) or too thin (trees, posts, wire fences, etc.).
  • If the boot is heavily loaded, the tilt of the vehicle towards the rear may interfere with the distance measurements.

DS 3. Operating limits. Malfunctions Do not use the function under the following exterior conditions:

  • Alongside a soft shoulder (e.g. ditch) or quay or on the edge of a drop.
  • When the road surface is slippery (e.g. ice).

DS 3. Operating limits. Malfunctions If any of the following malfunctions occurs, do not use the system:

  • If a tyre is under-inflated.
  • If one of the bumpers is damaged.
  • If one of the cameras is faulty.

DS 3. Operating limits. Malfunctions If the vehicle has undergone any of the following modifications, do not use the function:

  • When carrying an object extending beyond the dimensions of the vehicle (ladder on the roof bars, bicycle carrier on the tailgate, etc.).
  • With a non-approved towball in place.
  • With snow chains fitted.
  • When driving on a small-diameter or "spacesaver" type spare wheel.
  • When the wheels fitted are a different size from the original ones.
  • After modifying one or both bumpers (added protection).
  • If the sensors have been repainted other than by the dealer network.
  • With sensors not approved for the vehicle.


DS 3. Operating limits. Malfunctions When the function is not activated, this indicator lamp will flash briefly and an audible signal will be emitted to indicate a system malfunction.

If the malfunction occurs while the system is in use, the warning lamp goes off.

DS 3. Operating limits. Malfunctions If the parking sensor malfunction occurs during use, indicated by this warning lamp coming on, it causes the function to deactivate.

In the event of a malfunction, have the system checked by a dealer or a qualified workshop.

DS 3. Operating limits. Malfunctions In the event of a power steering malfunction, this warning lamp is displayed on the instrument panel, accompanied by a warning message.

You must stop as soon as it is safe to do so. Contact a dealer or a qualified workshop.


    When approaching a parking area, reduce the speed of your vehicle to 19 mph (30 km/h) or less. Activating the function The function is activated in the Vehicle/Driving touch screen menu...


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    Choosing the display mode

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