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DS 3: Advice on care and maintenance / General recommendations

DS 3 2016-2024 Owners Manual

Observe the following recommendations to avoid damaging the vehicle.


DS 3. General recommendations Never use a high-pressure jet wash in the engine compartment - risk of damaging the electrical components!

Do not wash the vehicle in bright sunshine or extremely cold conditions.

DS 3. General recommendations When washing the vehicle in an automatic roller-brush car wash, be sure to lock the doors and, depending on version, move the electronic key away and deactivate the “hands-free” function (Hands-Free Access).

When using a pressure washer, hold the lance at least 30 cm from the vehicle (particularly when cleaning areas containing chipped paint, sensors or seals).

Promptly clean up any stains containing chemicals liable to damage the vehicle's paint (including tree resin, bird droppings, insect secretions, pollen and tar).

If justified by the environment, clean the vehicle frequently to remove salty deposits (in coastal areas), soot (in industrial areas) and mud (in wet or cold areas). These substances can be highly corrosive.

Contact a dealer or a qualified workshop for advice on removing stubborn stains requiring special products (such as tar or insect removers).

Preferably, have paint touch-ups performed by a dealer or a qualified workshop.


DS 3. General recommendations When washing the vehicle, never use a water hose or high-pressure jet to clean the interior.

Liquids carried in cups or other open containers can spill, presenting a risk of damage to the instruments and controls and the controls located on the centre console. Be vigilant!

    Advice on care and maintenance


    Bodywork and Leather

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