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DS 3: Charging the traction battery (Electric) / Deferred charging

DS 3 2016-2022 Owners Manual


On a smartphone or tablet (GSM), with DS CONNECT RADIO or DS CONNECT NAV

DS 3. Deferred charging You can programme the deferred charging function at any time via the MyDS application.

For more information on Remote functions, refer to the corresponding section.

In the vehicle, with DS CONNECT NAV

  • DS 3. Deferred charging In the Energy touch screen menu, select the Charge page.
  • Set the charging start time.
  • Press OK.

The setting is saved in the system.


DS 3. Deferred charging Deferred charging is only possible with modes 2 and 3.

  • After programming the deferred charging, connect your vehicle to the desired charging equipment.

DS 3. Deferred charging

  • Press this button in the flap within one minute to activate the system (confirmed by the charging indicator lamp coming on in blue).


    Before charging, check that the drive selector is in mode P, otherwise charging is not possible. Open the charging flap by pressing the pushbutton, and check that there are no foreign bodies on the charging connector...


    Before disconnecting the nozzle from the charging connector: If the vehicle is unlocked, lock it and then unlock it. If the vehicle is locked, unlock it...

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    Instruments and controls

    These illustrations and descriptions are provided for information only, as the locations of certain elements may vary depending on the version or trim level.

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