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DS 3: Charging system (Electric) / Charging connectors and indicator lamps

DS 3 2016-2023 Owners Manual

DS 3. Charging connectors and indicator lamps

  1. Charging connectors
  2. Deferred charging activation button
  3. Nozzle locking indicator lamp

    Fixed red: nozzle positioned correctly and locked in the connector.

    Flashing red: nozzle incorrectly positioned or locking not possible.

  4. Charging indicator lamp

DS 3. Charging connectors and indicator lamps

DS 3. Charging connectors and indicator lamps

DS 3. Charging connectors and indicator lamps

DS 3. Charging connectors and indicator lamps Do not dismantle or modify the charging connector - risk of electrocution and/or fire!

Contact a dealer or a qualified workshop.

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