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DS 3: Changing a fuse / Fuses in the dashboard

DS 3 2016-2023 Owners Manual

The fusebox is located in the lower dashboard (left-hand side).

To access the fuses, follow the same procedure as described for accessing the fuse replacement tools.

Fuse tables

Box 1

DS 3. Fuses in the dashboard

DS 3. Fuses in the dashboard

Box 2

DS 3. Fuses in the dashboard

DS 3. Fuses in the dashboard

DS 3. Fuses in the dashboard

    Changing a fuse

    Before changing a fuse: Identify the cause of the fault and fix it. Switch off all power consumption. Immobilise the vehicle and switch off the ignition...

    Engine compartment fuses

    The fusebox is placed in the engine compartment near the battery. Accessing the fuses Release the two latches A. Remove the cover. Replace the fuse...

    Other information:

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    Electric motor

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    Charging connectors Traction battery Accessory battery Heat pump On-board charger Electric motor Charging cable

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