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DS 3: Touch screen BLUETOOTH audio system / DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radio

DS 3 2016-2022 Owners Manual

Terrestrial Digital Radio

Choosing the DAB radio

Terrestrial digital radio (DAB) provides higher quality reception.

The different "multiplexes/ensembles" offer a choice of radio stations arranged in alphabetical order.

DS 3. DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radio Press the "Radio" menu.

Press the "SOURCE" button.

In the list of available sources, choose "DAB Radio".

Activating FM-DAB Tracking

"DAB" does not cover 100% of the territory.

When the digital radio signal is poor, the "FM-DAB tracking" allows you to continue listening to the same station, by automatically switching to the corresponding "FM" analogue station (if there is one).

DS 3. DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radio Press the "Radio Settings" button.

DS 3. DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radio Activate "DAB-FM".

DS 3. DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radio If "FM-DAB tracking" is activated, there may be a difference of a few seconds when the system switches to "FM" analogue radio with sometimes a variation in volume.

Once the digital signal quality is restored, the system automatically changes back to "DAB".

DS 3. DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radio If the "DAB" station being listened to is not available on "FM", or if the "FM-DAB tracking" is not activated, the sound will cut out while the digital signal is too weak.


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